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Amazonite Pont/ Tower

Amazonite Point/ Tower

Raise your inner vibration

Amazonite gives balance to the feminine & masculine, soothes emotional trauma, communication, love, stress, anxiety, money, success, Luck, self-esteem, confidence, inspiration & focus toward goals and dreams, boost's your metabolism & sleep.

Chakra: Heart & Throat Chakra

Suggestions: Place next to your bed, or under your bed or pillow, use over your heart or the hollow of your neck when you are meditating, worn as jewelry or carried on you. 

Element: Water

Zodiac: Scorpio, Aries & Leo

Planet: Uranus

Hardness: 6.5



The Item seen in the photo, will be the item you will purchase, unless otherwise indicated. Please keep in mind that color may differ with various computers. 

Lift Your Inner Vibration...

* *** *LIVE * LAUGH * LOVE * *** *

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    Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase, with a receipt, for store credit only. The item returned, must be in the same condition, as when it was purchased. Implant grade Body jewelry is non-refundable, unless determined difective, due to sanitary reasons.