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Orgalla Designs



Meditation & Healing 

Raise Your Inner Vibration!


Individual Meditation 1/2 Hour or 1 Hour Session

Group Meditation Session 45 Minutes

On Line Meditation Session 1/2 Hour Session or 1 Hour Session 

Orgalla Designs Goal

 To help guide, inform and educate about meditation, bringing a sense of calm, healing, peace, relaxation & emotional well-being, while strengthening  your overall health, productivity, mood, memory, sleep, depression & more.



 What will I learn with Orgalla Designs?

 The power of meditation, and techniques to help you become centered and aligned with your chakras. 

 Balanced Chakras, Blocked Chakras, how they function in the body and how to unblock them.

Benefits of healing Chakras, and how to keep a good positive energy flow.

Basics/ advanced techniques of meditation, how it can benefit your mental, emotional and physical health.

How to begin a journey of healing mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically & metaphysically.

How to build a foundation of positive grounding, self-worth, worthiness, forgiveness, and understanding of ones self. 

Our focused meditation class is dedicated to the mindfulness of the body, mind & soul. 

Various forms of Meditation include

Focused/ Mindfulness Meditation 

Spiritual Meditation

Progressive Meditation

Movement Meditation

Visualization Meditation

Transcendental Meditation

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Mantra Meditation

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, building awareness and focus, through mind, breath and body. The physical and psychological benefits of meditation, have been medically researched, documented and are proven to help with stress and build a healthier immune system. 

Meditation is not specific to any religion, and has been practiced by many religions to help build in faith and awareness, by cultures all over the world.

Meditation is UNIVERSAL!

Meditation is not for everyone, it requires patience, persistence & skills. It is important to find and use various forms of meditation, to see what resonates with the specific individual. What works for one person, may not work for another. 

We suggest 15 minutes minimum of meditation each day.

Time is one of the most valuable and priceless things we have in our lifetime. You can never get time back. We waste so much time, and allow others to waste our time, by willingly giving it to them. We deny only 15 minutes, by making excuses that we don't have the 15 minutes to spare.


Why is it ok to freely allow other people to waste your time, but your own self care is set a side.

 Dedicate a minimum of 15 minutes a day, towards your self-care and mental well-being.

Make your self-care a priority!



It's time to raise your inner vibration, to a healthier, grounded & balanced new you...

 Check out our sound healing services, using singing bowls & tuning fork's. We use vibrational sound healing therapy to help balance and unblock chakras. 

Forms of Meditation Include

What is Mindfulness/ Focused Meditation?

 Focusing on a specific thought as it passes through your mind, with the intention of consciously being aware of that specific thought, while using your natural body senses (hearing, smelling, seeing, tasting & feeling), to be in the present moment.

What is Movement Meditation? 

Focused meditation using body movement to help ease stress, and bring a sense of peace, calm & relaxation.

What is Visualization Meditation?

 Uses the imagination to help visualize positive figures, situations and/or circumstances, by using the five natural body senses to bring as much detail as possible to the meditation.

That is Progressive Meditation? 

Promotes relaxation by focusing on specific areas of the body (ex. Muscles), by consciously tightening and relaxing those areas.

What is Mantra Meditation? 

Meditation that uses sound repetition.

What is Kindness & Loving Meditation? 

Helps to open the mind, and gain acceptance, love, compassion  towards ones self and others. Helps to strengthen the mind, body & Spirit, and those surrounding the individual.

What is Transcendental Meditation? 

Helps to quiet the mind and bring a sense of relaxation and calm, using mantra meditation, in silence.

What is Spiritual Meditation?

 Focusing on a deeper spiritual growth connection and understanding of a higher power.

Our sessions are designed for ALL AGES, ALL GENDER & ALL RELIGION. We do NOT discriminate. 

We offer private group sessions, individual sessions & on-line sessions. 

Please call for more details.

We customize our sessions to the needs and goals of all of our clients.


Lift Your Inner Vibration...

* *** *LIVE * LAUGH * LOVE * *** *

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