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Raise Your Inner Vibration!

We have a HUGE SELECTION of Body Jewelry, for most, if not all... your body piercing needs. Please Refer to our size chart, to help determine what are suggested sizes, for specific piercings. 

We provide Surgical Grade Stainless Steel 316 L/LVM implant grade, dedicated to providing quality body piercing jewelry, at an affordable price. We are always inspired by fresh and exciting new jewelry on the market, that is not always seen everywhere. We like to provide unique custom jewelry of various affordable prices, so there is something unique for everyone.

Captive Bead Rings, Segment Rings, Custom Rings, Ear Plugs, Barbells, Labret Studs, Nostril Screws, Curved Barbells, Circular Barbells, and more. 

Please see our size chart for recommended sizes & specific piercings.

Available Gauge Sizes: ALL

Huge Selection of Titanium Colors

Special custom size request available.

Please Contact Us for more details.

Body jewelry  available in the following metals:

Gold - Rose Gold - Surgical Grade 316 L/LVM Stainless Steel - Titanium/Niobium (Green, Purple, Rainbow, Light Blue, Dark Blue. 

* 1 item, in 1 gauge, and 1 diameter. Absolutely a great gift, versatile Circular barbell that is UNISEX.

Weight & Measurement: varies depending on gauge and diameter of jewelry.

Items sold on this page are externally threaded jewelry prices only, unless otherwise indicated under specific item.

we have internally & externally threaded jewelry available.

Internally threaded jewelry available. Price will differ due to quality of the jewelry and manufacturer. Internally threaded jewelry is a higher quality body jewelry, and will reflect a difference in pricing compared to externally threaded jewelry.

The Item purchased is a duplicate item from the photo. Please keep in mind that color may differ with various computers. 


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