Raise Your Inner Vibration!

Hand made and inspired with love by artist, Heather Kingsley, native American culture has viewed dreams as a form of energy. Good & bad dreams refer to the energy that surrounds a person dreaming. It is said that the affect the dream has on the individual, will determine how their lives are impacted.

The Lokota & Chippewa, now known as the Ojibwe, believed that good & bad dream energies could be caught within the web of the dreamcatcher. they believed that the good energy could be redirected back into the body. 

In the 1920's, southern & northern American people began adopting the tradition and decorated their homes with dreamcatchers, interested in spiritual awareness and the possibility of entering various dreaming realms & domains, through dreaming.

Dreamcatchers were originally constructed to keep bad dreams and negative air flow of energy to a child that could bring harm them and offer protection.

These hand made dreamcatchers, were designed and created with love & mindfulness. Each dreamcatcher is made with fine, exotic feather & high quality materials. 

Materials differ with each item!

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