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Raise Your Inner Vibration!

Orgalla Designs carries a Large Variety of Hair Accessories for all ages, events, sophisticated & everyday wear.

We want to help encourage ways to Feel Good, Elegant, & Beautiful. Accessorize your look with our hair fashion accessories, and hand crafted gifts, for all your hair styling solutions.

Orgalla knows the need of finding Quality Products, with affordable prices. We have something for everyone.

Are You Looking For Something Special? 

We offer Custom Hand Crafted Barrett's, Hair Bands, Scrunchies, Hair Ties, Hair Clips, And More. We can Match Your Hair Accessories To Your Hand Made Healing Jewelry items in our store. We sell Healing Hair Accessories too...

Sometimes its the little accents in life that make put a fresh twist to your style. 

 Rocks, Gem's & Minerals

Since the dawn of time, people have had a fascination and instinctive attraction to Rocks, Gems, Minerals, and all things that sparkle.

Ancient and modern times have proven that various cultures believe rocks, gems and minerals have Healing Properties.

See our Gemstone page, to identify some of these healing properties & What specific Chakras they work with, in the.

Orgalla Designs carries LARGE SELECTION of Reiki and Healing Stones. If you don't see something you are looking for, then please ask. We most likely can get it. 

Orgalla Designs introduces a fine jewelry collection, with the intention of mindful healing.

 Please contact us for more information and pricing.
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