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100% Semi-Precious Stone

Raise Your Inner Vibration!

Gemstone jewelry has been used in the practice of health, healing and alternative medicine practice for centuries, dating back to ancient civilization.

Many cultures believe in using rocks, gemstones & minerals as an aid in finding spiritual connection, inspiring emotional & physical trauma healing, promoting positivity, absorbing and protecting energy between the crystal/ crystal's and the individual who wears them.

Helps With

Emotional or creative block, balance, love, family, relationship, friendship, fertility, anxiety, panic, pain, addiction, luck, intuition, business & more...

Deflect against negative energy!

Cleanse Your Crystals

It is important to cleanse your crystals at the end of each day.

Crystals are meant to help absorb negative energy.

Orgalla Designs suggest you cleanse your crystals, by placing them on a piece of selenite overnight & under the moon.

There are many types of ways to cleanse your jewelry. Be careful of using harsh chemical's, salt's and liquid, as it can result in damage to your stone's & metal's used.



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