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Raise Your Inner Vibration!

Highly concerned about cross contamination & dedication to the health and safety of ourselves, and our clients. We use one time use/ disposable and autoclaved sterilized supplies. We own and spore test our autoclave to insure proper and high quality hygienic standards & sterilization.

In addition to illustration tattoo's, Orgalla Designs offers Micro-pigmentation & para-medical micropigmentation cosmetic tattoo's.




Orgalla Designs is dedicated to bridge educational gaps within the tattoo, body piercing, micro-pigmentation, para-medical, beauty, healing, meditation & physical enlightenment, through high quality standards of education, mindful practice technique & application. 

Responsibility, honorability, accountability, integrity, truth, awareness embraced with educational values within the tattoo & body piercing industry.

Orgalla Designs brings a unique understanding and medical safe point of view & approach, technical application, fundamental learning & technique to the body piercing industry.


 Para-medical & Micro-pigmentology 

Eyeliner, Eyebrows (Hair-Brush stroke technique, Powder filled or both), Lipliner, Lip Blushing, Beauty Marks, Alopecia Hair line, 3-D Nipples/ Reconstruction for Mastectomy Patients & Scar Camouflage.

We want to provide you with the best compassionate experience.

We have helped many cancer patients (men & women) with mastectomy scars, surgical scar camouflage, accident and burn camouflage, stretch mark camouflage, vitiligo camouflage, alopecia patients suffering from hair loss (ex. eyebrows, hair line camouflage), lip line enhancement due to loss of pigmentation and/or aging.

It is is great honor that we help our survivors bring back an emotional part of themselves, and to be part of that journey with them. It feels rewarding to bring a smile to those hearts and faces. 

We use HIGH QUALITY Pigmentation Ink & Supplies.

What is an autoclave?

We use a Pelton and Crane, heat, steam & pressure autoclave. It uses An extreme heat of 250 - 285 Degrees Fahrenheit, Pressure of about 16-35 pounds p/square inch.

We also use disposable products & supplies.

Orgalla Designs practices high standards of cleanliness, sterility & mindfulness medical practice & technique, to help insure all quality care with respect to ourselves and our clients.

Your health & safety is extremely important to us...


We are not interested in the drama of shop to shop artists. WE DO NOT GOSSIP, disrespect, or talk Ill-will of ANY SHOP. We are here doing our own thing. bringing positivity, love compassion commitment, and dedication to the industry.

We are a FULLY Custom Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio/Gallery.

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