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Raise Your Inner Vibration!

Highly concerned about cross contamination & dedication to the health and safety of ourselves, and our clients. We use one time use/ disposable and autoclaved sterilized supplies. We own and spore test our autoclave to insure proper and high quality hygienic standards & sterilization.

 Para-medical & Micro-pigmentology 

Eyeliner, Eyebrows (Hair-Brush stroke technique, Powder filled or both), Lipliner, Lip Blushing, Beauty Marks, Alopecia Hair line, 3-D Nipples/ Reconstruction for Mastectomy Patients & Scar Camouflage.

We want to provide you with the best compassionate experience.

We have helped many cancer patients (men & women) with mastectomy scars, surgical scar camouflage, accident and burn camouflage, stretch mark camouflage, vitiligo camouflage, alopecia patients suffering from hair loss (ex. eyebrows, hairline camouflage), lip line enhancement due to loss of pigmentation and/or aging.

It is is great honor that we help our survivors bring back an emotional part of themselves, and to be part of that journey with them. It feels rewarding to bring a smile to those hearts and faces. 

We use HIGH QUALITY Pigmentation Ink & Supplies.

What is an autoclave?

We use a Pelton and Crane, heat, steam & pressure autoclave. It uses An extreme heat of 250 - 285 Degrees Fahrenheit, Pressure of about 16-35 pounds p/square inch.

We also use disposable products & supplies.

Orgalla Designs practices high standards of cleanliness, sterility & mindfulness medical practice & technique, to help insure all quality care with respect to ourselves and our clients.

Your health & safety is extremely important to us...

We are a FULLY Custom Micro-pigmentation & Para-medical  Studio/Gallery.


Orgalla Designs is dedicated to bridge educational gaps within the tattoo, body piercing, micro-pigmentation, para-medical, beauty, healing, meditation & physical enlightenment, through high quality standards of education, mindful practice technique & application. 

Responsibility, honorability, accountability, integrity, truth, awareness embraced with educational values within the tattoo & body piercing industry.

Orgalla Designs brings a unique understanding and medical safe point of view & approach, technical application, fundamental learning & technique to the body piercing industry.

About Heather Kingsley (Instructor)

Heather Kingsley is an accomplished, passionate, compassionate illustration, para-medical tattoo artist, body piercer & entrepreneur, with over 25 years of industry hands on experience.

 First Place Winner In PPID Global Competition, publication & distribution.

 Highly concerned about cross contamination & dedicated to the health and safety of ourselves & our clients. We use disposable and Autoclaved Sterilized supplies. Orgalla Designs owns and spore tests our Pelton & Crane Steam/Pressure Autoclave to insure proper, high quality, hygienic standards & sterilization. 

More about Heather Kingsley... Timeline

1997 Paoli PA, Cowboys Tattoo Ranch. Heather Kingsley (Heather Belman), apprenticed with Cowboy for tattooing, and went to "Gauntlet," in Manhattan, NY, for her first seminar, while continuing to frequent Gauntlet, receiving additional training and work.

1999 Body piercing artist, Heather Kingsley, opened her first body piercing studio in Pottstown, PA, called, "Steel Magnolia Inc"., beneath Joe Johns, Wizards World of Tattoo, on High Street, focusing on body piercing.

2000, Heather wanted to further into her career, and was offered an opportunity to study under award winning artist, Drew Winner (Current owner of Electric Tiger Tattoo in Rehoboth Beach, DE.) in the art of Tattooing.

Heather and Drew opened up a Tattoo & Body Piercing studio together, partnering as "Mystic Realm Studios," in Georgetown, DE. During the next 5 years, Heather apprenticed with Drew Winner for tattooing, working various conventions on the east coast, featured in Savage Magazine, and enjoying beach life. 

2004, Heather continued as partnered owner of Mystic Realm Studios, while continuing her education through (PCDI), in jewelry and design to complement the understanding of metals used and adapted in tattooing &  body piercing, reactions with the body, gaining educational value adaptable to the tattoo/ body piercing industry, as well as making jewelry as an additional hobby.

2005, Heather's mother in law became very ill with cancer, and the family decided to move back to PA. Heather cared for her mother in law and continued to educate herself through the Lincoln Technical Nursing Program, with a goal to learn safety, health, sterility, bedside manner, anatomy and more...

Heather continued to Tattoo & Body pierce throughout the years as guest artist from the east coast to the west coast, through various shop owner related friends, and conventions, as well as worked in pediatrics.

2009, Heather (Heather Bridges), moved to Muskegon, MI,  Opened a successful shop, called "Burning Bridges Tattoo & Body Piercing."

The studio remained opened for 5 years, until Heather returned to PA in 2014, due to the loss of her son. She returned home to PA, to be around close family and friends.

2011, Heather began to take classes in reiki healing, with a goal of self healing, meditation, and a unique service to her clients, as it was a way to give back positive energy to the community, and could be used in all aspects of life and business. This would work along side the art of tattooing and body piercing, bringing a sense of compassion, love, commitment, understanding, education, bedside manor & demeanor. 

2014, Heather continued college classes at Delaware County Community College

Gained her Masters in Micro-pigmentology & Para medical micro-pigmentology through The Cosmetic School of Arts & Science.

Heather was introduced to sound Healing, where she began a fascination and new journey in Tibetan singing bowls & meditative sound healing as a hobby.

Heather continued to work with Pennsylvania tattoo shop owner's, friends, conventions over the next 7 years, who owned shops, with the goal of being able to open her own studio again in the future, when she felt more rooted and established.

The para-medical & micro-pigmentation would allow another form of quality modification & art in tattooing towards a needed healing community, that could benefit due to loss of pigmentation to the lips and/or lip line, eyebrow hair loss, hair loss due to pattern baldness and/or alopecia, eyeliner, beauty mark, scarring, stretchmarks needing camouflage, mastectomy's scar/ nipple loss, navel pigmentation, toenail loss & tattoo removal. 

 Allowing Heather to work closely with patients and surgery centers all over the

tri-county area. 

What we are saying is that it allowed us to mindfully gain knowledge and understanding of the art of cosmetic tattooing, and give back to survivors of tragedy, weather it was through illness such as cancer, or alopecia patients with embarrassing hair line, that can help be camouflaged  with micro-pigmentation technique.

In addition to Heather's passion for the tattoo and body modification/piercing arts, Heather has worked as a caregiver & pediatric nurse, helping the community and supporting her family, with the mission that Orgalla Designs would one day come together....and here we are... 2022

Welcome to Orgalla Designs!

Heather Kingsley Qualifications

over 25 years of Industry Experience
Apprenticeship with Cowboy (Cowboys Tattoo Ranch)1997
"Gauntlet" Certified 1999
Tattoo Apprenticeship with Drew Winner in 2000
Certified MA Nurse 2004
Jewelry & Design PCDI Certification 2007
Owner & Operator of 3 Recognized Industry Related Business
Reiki Certification 2011/ III Masters


We are not interested in the drama of shop to shop artists. WE DO NOT GOSSIP, disrespect, or talk Ill-will of ANY SHOP. We are here doing our own thing. bringing positivity, love compassion commitment, and dedication to the industry.

We are a FULLY EXCLUSIVE Custom Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio/Gallery. 

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